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We know the market with over 3,000 transactions completed. Put our experience to work for you and earn that extra income.

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Looking for investment properties to rehab and make a profit? Properties here need work but are listed at prices far below those in the MLS.

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Any property listed on Great DC Deals is approved for hard money financing allowing you to maximize your cash.



3,000Transactions completed
13Years in the business

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The Metro DC market is large, everyone knows that. So why is it so hard to sell
properties which can greatly benefit from a complete rehab or a new floor plan?
As we all know many of the buyers searching through the MLS are the buyers that you do NOT want.

They have limited experience, limited funds and more important of all limited time.
No one wants to deal with the handling of a new investor in the market when your cash flow is on the line. will take care of the process and ensure you get the highest and best for your property.